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The Summer (K-Fiction 016)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2017
Original title: 그 여름, 2017
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Choi Eun-young’s latest work and the eighteenth work of ‘K-Fiction’, The Summer is about two 18-year-old girls unexpectedly falling in love. It is a novel that captures the small cracks in their daily life in a clear and transparent watercolor-like landscape of a summer when they are shaken by the emotion of love that has come to them.

In the novel, the two girls, Yi-greong and Suyi, share a rare love and have to be careful about the gaze of others, and they start to become less afraid of the gaze and judgment of themselves as they used to. At the age of 20, they move to Seoul, where one attends college and the other learns auto mechanics at a vocational school. New joys and trivial misunderstandings that arise as each has a different radius of activity, and changes in feelings between the two of them come flooding in.

Source: ridibooks/google translate

LKL says:

Choi Eunyoung is rapidly becoming one of my favourite young writers. The Summer is a lovely, poignant story about a relationship between two girls, and how they eventually drift apart. Tony Malone’s review linked below says it all.

LKL rating: score-2score-2score-2score-2score-0. Read our review of this book here.

Read a review by Tony Malone here. Entry on here.

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