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Time in Gray (Bi-lingual, Vol 44 – Avant Garde)

Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 2013.
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“More than twenty years ago, for a short period, I was in love with a girl who was four years my senior and whose name was Su-mi. At the time I was going to an educational center that offered a course in Esperanto. There were two Americans in my class. One of them, Earl, was Su-mi’s boyfriend. At some point, Earl started bringing Su-mi to class with him. Su-mi was the first person who thoroughly captivated me. The reason I fell for Su-mi was her beauty. She was tall, but her body was thin, like a willow tree that gave no impression of volume. Her face was small, though rather long, and her hair, which just covered the back of her neck, was a very glossy black. Her skin had a smooth, white pallor, and her eyes were narrow and cut rather long. Her looks gave one the impression that she looked like a girl in a male role in a girls’ high school theatrical piece, one of those androgynous girls, tall and thin, with long arms and legs and a beautiful pale face. Had she not been so beautiful, I would not remember her.”

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