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Walking Practice

Translated by:
Publisher: , expected Mar 2023

No further details other than this announcement on Barbara J Zitwer’s Facebook page:

The astounding debut novel, Walking Practice, by Korean author Dolki Min pre-empted by Tara Parsons for HarperVIA Books! Translated by the brilliant Victoria Caudle and coming to readers in 2023 in English. The reading world will never be the same!

As for the plot, here’s Barbara J Zitwer again, in Bookbrunch

My latest challenge is a book called Practise Walking by Dolki Min, a self-published Korean queer, literary novel about a gender-bending alien who crashes to earth and hunts humans for food. It changes gender to appeal to its victim, has sex with them, and at their moment of orgasm, bites their heads off. This alien is only trying to survive and practise walking in the earth’s atmosphere, where gravity is a disabling force. It’s the hottest book that nobody has read yet.

Sounds fun!