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April Snow (K-Fiction 021)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2018
Original title: 4월의 눈
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Snow of April
b The story of people who feel the pain of others through their suffering b

In April 2018, K-Fiction is the twenty-first piece,

Son Won Pyung studied philosophy in sociology at the university and studied film directing at the Korean Film Academy. He received the 10th Jeongbee Youth Literature Prize in 2017 and won the 5th Jeju 4 ㆍ 3 Peace Literature Prize for his second feature novel, “Thirty Repeat.” In both novels, she answered questions about being a human being and answered what kind of adults would you like to be? In his new book, “The Eyes of April,” he painted a moment of sympathy for the pain of others through the pain he had suffered and the pain he had suffered. The wife decides to divorce. On that day, Marie from Rovaniemi, Finland, arrives at home. Marie, unexpectedly appeared, reminisces about the memories of the past that she had loved and loved, but her time began to cry again, and her husband started to cry again and her husband, who had watched him, escaped. “I”, who confronts Mari, who has grasped their situation vaguely, tears down, and Marie next to me stays crying as she recalls the pain of her.

In a commentary, The only good thing about lurking is that those with it will be able to figure out the patterns of others hearts that resemble themselves. (…) The words between the two are the most obvious definition of pain and empathy. I have been asking for the possibility and impossibility of empathy, saying, “I can not get enough of pain to get to where I want to be, and that every time I am sick without exception, you and I too are so lonely and friendly. Son Hyeonpyeon novelist says the truth is newly prepared.

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