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Flowers (Bi-lingual, Vol 69 – Discovering Everyday Life)

Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 2014
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Once, when she was coming back home from school late at night, she was strangled by a black shadow that approached her from behind on a narrow lane. When she collapsed to the ground, the black shadow momentarily hesitated, then pushed his hand up the girl’s upturned skirt. Using her school bag, she hit the black shadow with all her strength. She screamed out loud after she gathered herself together. The black shadow, who until then was clumsily fumbling with her thighs, suddenly stood up and started to kick the girl. Soon, there was the sound of people approaching, and the black shadow hastily disappeared. Although the encounter had been brief, the girl had been momentarily afraid of dying, and realized that rape wasn’t just sex by force. Rape was something where, after someone was savagely beaten, a person or a person’s character disappeared, and all that existed was a gaping opening, a hole. After her own run-in with the black shadow, the girl was seized with the impulse to have a gynecologist cover her hole. She understood now that she could be beaten to death because of its existence.

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