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My Clint Eastwood (K-Fiction 004)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2014.
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“Your movie premise was enjoyable, but it… it lacked something,” he suddenly said, his expression serious. It was then that I realized that he had read my movie pitch without asking for my permission. In retrospect, I realized that he had not been wide off the mark. I might have imitated some movies, but I didn’t have any clear conflicts like racial conflicts or the Vietnam War. This wasn’t an excuse, of course. Anyway, I thought that Clint Eastwood might have run away from Hollywood for the same reason I had. I almost felt a sort of camaraderie with him. Still, I felt upset. I regretted that I had ever missed Clint Eastwood, even for a couple of days. I wondered if I would be forever fading away together with him in this world. I felt absolutely miserable for waiting on a fading star like Clint Eastwood.

“In a shrewd contemporary reality where clear enemies like ‘racial conflicts or the Vietnam War’ no longer exist, where can the writer aim his weapons and carry out that final, classic showdown? This tragic-comic tale by Oh will resonate for a long time with fighters searching for justice, and writers wandering around in search of truly captivating drama.”

Not readily available in the UK

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