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Over the Mountains Are Mountains: Korean Peasant Households and Their Adaptations to Rapid Industrialization

From the publisher’s website:

Clark Sorensen presents a description of the economic and ecological organization of rural Korean domestic groups and an analysis of their adaption to the changes brought about by Korea’s rapid industrialization.

Still one of the only book-length studies of rural, peasant Korean households, Over the Mountains Are Mountains shows how the industrialization of Korea led neither to the proletarianization of the peasants nor to a fundamental change in the structure of rural families, but rather to strategic changes in patterns of migration, labor allocation, and residence.

Clark W. Sorensen is director of the Korea Studies Program and Center for Korea Studies at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington.


  1. Over the Mountains Are Mountains
  2. Development without Structural Change in Sangongni Households
  3. Development and the Influence of a Mountain Environment
  4. Subsistence, Productivity, and Household Adaptation
  5. Energy Flow and the Allocation of Household Labor
  6. The Changing Family Cycle
  7. Industrialization, Migration, and Land-Tenure Patterns
  8. Organization, Structure, and the Explanation of Social Change

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