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Record of a journey to Mujin (Bi-lingual, Vol 6 – Industrialization)

Publisher: , 2012
Original title: 무진기행, 1964
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Mujin represents the limits reconfirmed. It represents not only the line between the positive and the negative, and between the modern and anti-modern or the un-modern, but also the line between the normal and the abnormal, and between life and death. And the “Record of a Journey to Mujin” is a record of the experience of turning around at the line. – Chae Ho-seok (literary critic)

LKL adds: The translator of the text is not easy to find online. I’m guessing it’s Kevin O’Rourke and if I ever get this confirmed I’ll update this note.

Read a review by Charles Montgomery here. Entry on here.

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