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South Korea’s Minjung Movement: The Culture and Politics of Dissidence

From the publisher’s website:

The minjung (people’s) movement stood at the forefront of the June 1987 nationwide tide that swept away the military in South Korea and opened up space for relatively democratic politics, a more responsible economy, and new directions in culture. This volume is the first in English to grapple specifically with the nature of a national development that lies at the center of the last three decades of tumult and change in South Korea.


Kenneth M. Wells: The Cultural Construction of Korean History
Kang Man’gil: Contemporary Nationalist Movements and the Minjung tr Roger Duncan
Hyung-A Kim: Minjung Soecioeconomic Responses to State-led Industrialisation
Chung Chai-sik: Confucian Tradition and Nationalist Ideology in Korea
Donald N. Clark: Growth and Limitations of Minjung Christianity in South Korea
Choi Chungmoo: The Minjung Culture Movement and the Construction of Popular Culture in Korea
Nancy Abelmann: Minjung Movements and the Minjung: Organizers and Farmers in a 1098s Farmers’ Movement
Kim Seong-nae: The Iconic Power of Modernity: Reading a Cheju Shaman’s Life History and Initiation Dream
Choi Hyun-moo: Contemporary Korean Literature: From Victimization to Minjung Nationalism tr Carolyn U So
Paik Nak-chung: The Reunification Movement and Literature tr Kenneth M Wells
Marshall R Pihl: The Nation, the People, and a Small Ball: Literary Nationalism and Literary Populism in Contemporary Korea

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