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An Unknown Realm (K-Fiction 020)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2018
Original title: 모르는 영역
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Synopsis from the Kyobo book store website, run through the Papago translator:

Kwon Yeo-sun’s novel “The Unknown Area.” The main character Myung-deok hits the ball at dawn and exits the club alone and calls Dayoung. Dayoung was in Yeoju because of the ceramic biennale. The crescent-shaped daytime moon floats in the sky, and Myeongdeok, who woke up from a deep sleep due to the overlapping drunkenness of the day and the languor of the spring day, heads to Yeoju to see Dayoung. Dayoung had arrived at the restaurant first with the party filming the travel documentary, and Myeongdeok ate with them. After that, the novel contains times like “day and moon” surrounding Myeongdeok and Dayoung for two days and one night on a spring day.

Not readily available in the UK

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