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Silvery World and Other Stories

Editor: Michael J Pettid
Author: , , , , ,
Translated by: , , ,
Publisher: , 2019.
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This anthology is an exciting new collection of Korean fiction in translation from the early years of the twentieth century that demonstrate the political and ideological divides that Koreans experienced during this time.

Contains the following stories:

Cho Myŏng-hŭi : Naktong River tr Bro. Anthony of Taize
Ch’oe Chansik: The Shore tr Eugene Larsen-Hallock
Hong Myong-hui : Im Kkokchong tr H. Jamie Chang
Sin Ch’ae Ho : The Battle of Dragon with Dragon tr Bro. Anthony of Taize
Yi Injik : Silvery World tr Sora Kim-Russell
Yi Ki-yŏng: Commoners’ Village tr Bro. Anthony of Taize

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