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The Snowy Road and Other Stories

Editor: Hyun-Jae Yee Sallee
Author: , , , , ,
Translated by:
Publisher: , 1995.
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The Korean War and its aftermath serve as the backdrop for the six selections showcased in this collection offering the reader a rarely-glimpsed view of Korean life. Each of the authors represented here has been the recipient of the prestigious Korean People’s Literary Award . Their work focuses on ordinary Korean people and the impact of the war on their lives.

The collection includes the following titles:

Cho Chŏng-nae : Echo, Echo 
Chŏng In-hŭi : Balloon 
Pak Pŏm-sin: The Trap
Park Wan-suh: Winter Outing 
Yi Ch’ŏng-jun: The Snowy Road
Yu Ik-ju: Purchased Bridegroom

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