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The Star and Other Korean Short Stories

Editor: Agnita Tennant
Author: , , , , , , ,
Translated by:
Publisher: , 1996.
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Eight stories by leading contemporary writers of Korea providing deeply moving insights into the human condition. They reflect a common concern with the social realities of the 1980s, with sadness and triumph emerging as unifying themes. The source of this humanity, as these stories strongly reveal, lies in powerful family bonds and a deep nostalgia for the past, two characteristic traits of the Korean people.

Contains the following stories

Yi Ch’ŏng-jun: The Snowy Road (1977)
Yoo Keum-ho: A thin line (1982)
Im Cheol-woo: My Father’s Land (1984)
Park Wan-suh: She knows, I know and God knows, but… (1984)
Yang Gui-ja: The poet of Wonmi-dong (1986)
Yoo Jae-yong: The Star (1986)
Yoon Jung-mo: Why the silkworm does not leave its cocoon (1986)
Choi Hak: The guest (1990)

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