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Land of Exile: Contemporary Korean Fiction (expanded edition)

Editor: Marshall R Pihl, Bruce + Ju-chan Fulton
Author: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Translated by: , ,
Publisher: , 2007.
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An English language anthology of post-1945 Korean short fiction, this work looks at the history, society, and culture of contemporary South Korea, reflecting the poignant motif of exile in Korea’s experience of modernity.

LKL adds: the collection contains the following stories:

Ch’ae Man-Sik: The Wife and Children (1948)
Kim Dong-ni: The Post Horse Curse (1948)
Hwang Sun-won: Mountains (1956)
Chŏn Kwang-yong : Kapitan Ri (1962)
Kim Seung-ok: Seoul, 1964, Winter  (1965)
Ch’oe In-ho: The Boozer (1970)
Hwang Sok-yong: A Dream of Good Fortune (1973)
Park Wan-suh: Winter Outing (1975)
Cho Chŏng-nae : Land of Exile (1977)
Yun Hŭng-gil: The Man Who Was Left as Nine Pairs of Shoes (1977)
Oh Jung-Hee: The Bronze Mirror (1982)
Im Cheol-woo: A Shared Journey (1984)
Kim Min-suk: Scarlet Fingernails (1987)
Ch’oe Yun: The Last of Hanak’o (1992)
Ch’oe Such’ol: Conviction (2003)
Kim Hoon: From Powder to Powder (2004)

Exact publication date of the 2007 revised edition not known.

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