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Meetings and Farewells: Modern Korean Stories

Editor: Chung Chong-wha
Author: , , , , , , , , , ,
Translated by:
Publisher: , 1980.
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Contains the following stories:

Cho Sŏn-jak : The Wall
Hwang Sun-won: Retreat 
Kim Dong-in: The Post Horse 
Kim Dong-ni: The Rock 
Kim Seung-ok: A Cup of Coffee
Kim Seung-ok: Seoul, 1964, Winter 
Kim Yu-jeong: The Camellias 
Oh Young-Soo: Echoes 
Yi Ho-ch’ŏl: Wearing Thin 
Yi Hyo-seok: When the Buckwheat Blooms
Yi Mun-gu: The Tale of Kim Tagbo 
Yi Sang: Meeting and Farewells

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