Looking back at 2013: Culture, tourism and branding stories

by Philip Gowman on 2 February, 2014

in 2013 year-end posts, Brand Korea, Expos and Festivals, Food & Drink, Heritage, Lee Young-ae, Travel

In the second of five articles looking back over 2013, we recall some of the tourism and heritage stories that made the news. And we also take a look at some of the stories about Korean food, given the increasing popularity of Korean cuisine of Korea.

Arts and Heritage


Sungnyemun, just before its official reopening. (photo: Chosun Ilbo)

Travel and Tourism

Chinese tourists bring in the cash

But there’s a flip side:

In other tourism news,

Food: the edible Hallyu

Lee Young-ae advertising bibimbap in Shanghai

Lee Young-ae advertising bibimbap in Shanghai (photo Joongang Ilbo)

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